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North Carolina Workers Compensation - Businesses

Our staff at Rockingham Insurance Agency is educated and trained to manage your NC workers compensation requirements in most industries across North Carolina. We make an extra effort to focus on the client’s needs in order to mold ideal coverage for your business insurance! Our “affordable coverage commitment”, assures that coverage is properly provided at the lowest rate available.

What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

Almost 90 years ago North Carolina implemented the workers compensation act in an effort to deliver a legal compromise between the employer and employee. The law requires that injuries arising from the scope of employment is to be compensated by the employer. Workers compensation is aimed to deliver recovery for the loss of earning power, only. The employer is not required to indemnify the worker, issue recovery in the event of pain and suffering or loss of consortium. He or she is to compensate the injured worker for their inability to work and earn money after the injury occurred.

Are You Required to Provide Workers Compensation Coverage?

Workers compensation is required for all sole proprietorships, corporations, LLC’s and partnerships which employ 3 or more people (self-insured employers are also required in specific cases).

*Any business that operates with or around radiation is required to carry workers compensation insurance regardless of the number of employees (i.e. 1 employee or 10, coverage is required).

Even if your business has one employee, we still recommend you seriously consider workers compensation insurance for your employee.

How We Can Lower Your Workload

Here, at Rockingham Insurance Agency, we believe that “knowledge is key”. We push to help each of our insureds to understand their needs, what coverage is required, and what their policy will cover. This learning process is simple and our agents handle all accounts with the same 5 step method in an effort to limit the amount of time clients spend researching and purchasing insurance on their own.

  • Review client needs and desires
  • Gather pertinent information
  • Quote with companies
  • Present, educate, and assist client in quote selection
  • Issue the business insurance/workers compensation policy

Pressed for time?

Our agency is technologically equipped and able to perform this entire process from any remote location, ideally. As times are changing and the world as a whole is starting to incorporate computers into all aspects of life, we pride ourselves in servicing accounts and “fulfilling your insurance needs over the internet” while still providing optimal customer service!

Rockingham Insurance can provide your business with a free workers compensation quote.  Give us a call today at 336 627 7037, to help your business with all your insurance needs.

Servicing the Eden, Reidsville, Stoneville, Greensboro, Burlington, Kernersville, High Point, and surrounding areas.



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